Podcast: Enabled by East Los Cap with Darshan Puttannaiah, CTO of 66degrees

by East Los Capital

Sally Gao, host of “Enabled, by East Los Capital” podcast, interviews Darshan Puttannaiah, CTO of 66degrees, a Premier Google Cloud Partner and provider of cloud technologies designed to serve healthcare, financial services, technology, media, and public sectors.

Darshan was the Founder and CEO of Qwinix Technologies, one of the leading Google Cloud Partners in the ecosystem, that was later merged with Cloudbakers, a leading cloud solutions company, to form 66degrees.

For more on the 66degrees / Qwinix-Cloudbakers transaction, read more at: “Merging Clouds: How Qwinix became 66degrees, and the Value of Google Cloud”: https://eastloscap.com/2022/08/08/merging-clouds-how-qwinix-became-66degrees-and-the-value-of-google-cloud/ 

In this episode, Darshan shares his past professional trajectory as a software developer, his successes and challenges as an entrepreneur founding Qwinix, and his insights on emerging tech trends in 2022.

Please see 66degrees’ website for more information: 66degrees.com

00:27 – Darshan talks about his experiences as a software engineer, operator at enterprise software companies, founder at Qwinix Technologies, and now CTO of 66degrees

03:04 – Darshan gives an overview of his current company 66degrees – Premier Google Cloud Partner – and how 66degrees helps clients in diverse industries best use Google Cloud services

06:36 – Darshan discusses tech-enablement as a theme, especially on helping clients unlock the full potential of their data (i.e. data-driven insights and Google Cloud as a tool)

08:08 – Darshan talks about wins achieved for customers along the way that were unexpected, i.e. Edge Computing solutions

09:12 – Darshan discusses the East Los Capital connection, how East Los Capital supported the merger transaction between Qwinix and Cloudbakers

10:22 – Darshan speaks about the role of COVID-19 in accelerating cloud adoption, how every company is trying to become a data company, and how Edge Computing will emerge in the forefront in the coming years

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